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Many of those who have had mental disturbances and extreme emotional pain do recover when they are capable of being honest with themselves. Getting honest means we are no longer mentally handicapped by the way we were conditioned. We are free! We used to be disabled and now we are able! “We are now doing something we have never done before and now we have something we have never had before.” 

Dream Believe Institute is here to offer a transformation process to any person who is interested in going through the process where they may find their true self, learn tools for self-care and see their dreams come true!

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Susan Amato

Dr. Richard and his wife Mrs. Susan Amato are Clinical Clergy and Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Wellington, Florida with a passion to help addicts and those who love them recover from the horrendous brain disease of addiction. 

With over 46 years of experience between them, their international travels together helped them to see humans afflicted with addiction and those who love them are treatable and curable. In fact, they can become the most productive members of any country and any culture by getting help from a recovery program that works!

Mrs. Susan Amato is a licensed mental health counselor in the states of Maryland, Michigan, and Florida. While her specialties include addiction and codependency counseling, she is also an expert in marriage counseling and communication skills. 

Her main passion is to offer hope by helping people see their worth so they can dream and believe in what they are meant to be. She believes hope comes through being transformed one day at a time.

 It is now Dr. Richard and Mrs. Susan Amato's divine destiny to show others that they have one!

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 Experience is saying

What you want exists. Don’t settle until you get it.

Desire Meyers


Dream Believe Institute has been granted federal tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) status. We offer counseling, groups, and classes and a percentage of those fees will help fulfill the dreams of those less fortunate. 

Donations can be made on the donation page to help those who need counseling who cannot afford it. We believe everyone deserves a chance to heal, believe in their worth and see their dreams come true.